• Integration of pymuvr (when available) for faster calculation of van Rossum distance.

Version 0.4.1

  • Faster caching for Neo lazy loading.
  • Faster correlogram calculation.

Version 0.4.0

  • Correlogram plot supports new square plot matrix mode and count per second in addition to per segment.
  • New options in spike waveform plot.
  • DataProvider objects support transparent lazy loading for compatible IOs (currently only Hdf5IO).
  • DataProvider can be forced to use a certain IO instead of automatically determining it by file extension.
  • Load parameters for IOs can be specified in DataProvider.
  • IO class, IO parameters and IO plugins are saved in selections and properly used in
  • Qt implementation of ProgressBar available in plot.helper (moved from Spyke Viewer).
  • Loading support for IO plugins (moved from Spyke Viewer).

Version 0.3.0

  • Added implementations for various spike train metrics.
  • Added generation functions for poisson spike trains
  • Added tools module with various utility functions, e.g. binning spike trains or removing objects from Neo hierarchies.
  • Added explained variance function to spike sorting quality assessment.
  • Improved legends for plots involving colored lines.
  • Plots now have a minimum size and scroll bars appear if the plots would become too small.
  • Renamed plot.ISI to plot.isi for consistency

Version 0.2.1

  • Added “Home” and “Pan” tools for plots (useful when no middle mouse button is available).
  • Changed default grid in plots to show only major grid.
  • Added a method to DataProvider for refreshing views after object hierarchy changed.
  • New parameter for DataProvider AnalogSignal methods: AnalogSignalArrays can be automatically converted and returned.
  • Significantly improved speed of spike density estimation and optimal kernel size calculation.
  • Spike sorting quality assessment using gaussian clusters is now possible without prewhitening spikes or providing prewhitened means.
  • Renamed “spyke-plugin” script to “spykeplugin”

Version 0.2.0

Initial documented public release.