Spykeutils is a pure Python package and therefore easy to install. It depends on the following additional packages:

  • Python >= 2.7
  • neo >= 0.2.1
  • scipy
  • guiqwt >= 2.1.4 (Optional, for plotting)
  • tables (Optional, for analysis results data management. Also known as PyTables.)
  • scikit-learn (Optional, for spike sorting quality analysis using Gaussian cluster overlap.)

Please see the respective websites for instructions on how to install them if they are not present on your computer. If you use Linux, you might not have access rights to your Python package installation directory, depending on your configuration. In this case, you will have to execute all shell commands in this section with administrator privileges, e.g. by using sudo.

Download and Installation

The easiest way to get spykeutils is from the Python Package Index. If you have pip installed:

$ pip install spykeutils

Alternatively, if you have setuptools:

$ easy_install spykeutils

Users of NeuroDebian or its repositories (available for Debian and Ubuntu) can also install spykeutils using the package manager instead of pip:

$ sudo apt-get install python-spykeutils

Alternatively, you can get the latest version directly from GitHub at

The master branch always contains the current stable version. If you want the latest development version, use the develop branch (selected by default). You can download the repository from the GitHub page or clone it using git and then install from the resulting folder:

$ python install


For the most part, spykeutils is a collection of functions that work on Neo objects. Many functions also take quantities as parameters. Therefore, make sure to get an overview of neo and quantities before using spykeutils. Once you are familiar with these packages, have a look at the Examples or head to the API reference to browse the contents of spykeutils.