Source code for spykeutils.progress_indicator

import functools

[docs]class CancelException(Exception): """ This is raised when a user cancels a progress process. It is used by :class:`ProgressIndicator` and its descendants. """ pass
[docs]def ignores_cancel(function): """ Decorator for functions that should ignore a raised :class:`CancelException` and just return nothing in this case """ @functools.wraps(function) def inner(*args, **kwargs): try: return function(*args, **kwargs) except CancelException: return return inner
[docs]class ProgressIndicator(object): """ Base class for classes indicating progress of a long operation. This class does not implement any of the methods and can be used as a dummy if no progress indication is needed. """
[docs] def set_ticks(self, ticks): """ Set the required number of ticks before the operation is done. :param int ticks: The number of steps that the operation will take. """ pass
[docs] def begin(self, title=''): """ Signal that the operation starts. :param string title: The name of the whole operation. """ pass
[docs] def step(self, num_steps=1): """ Signal that one or more steps of the operation were completed. :param int num_steps: The number of steps that have been completed. """ pass
[docs] def set_status(self, new_status): """ Set status description. :param string new_status: A description of the current status. """ pass
[docs] def done(self): """ Signal that the operation is done. """ pass